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Lovely Appetite is a food blog that's all about a healthy balance:

  • Eat well and eat fresh.
  • Give yourself the occasional treat.
  • Live well - stay active and explore.
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My Special Macaroni Cheese
I love this macaroni cheese recipe, because just a few extra ingredients like the onion powder, Brie and Worcester sauce take the flavour up a notch.
Jamie Oliver Pork Tacos
A light and fresh pork taco recipe that's a win-win combination of healthy and delicious.
Spaghetti Bolognese
How to make a simple spaghetti bolognese that's packed full of flavour.
Sweet Potato and Celeriac Cottage Pie
A rich and tasty minced beef pie, topped with sweet potatoes and a little celeriac to add that extra richness. Perfect to warm you up from these colder evenings.

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