About So you're wondering what to expect from Lovely Appetite?

go to link We're a food blog that's all about a healthy balance:

  • Eat well and eat fresh.
  • Give yourself the occasional treat (a little of what you fancy does you good).
  • Live well - stay active and explore. On this site you will find:

  • Everyday recipes from lazy Sunday morning breakfasts, to quick evening meals that save well for a work lunch the next day too.
  • Indulgent treats perfect for special occasions.
  • The best places to eat, and things to do at home and abroad.

click Not only covering delicious food in your home and on holiday, you will also find recommendations​ for products that work best when making a particular recipe. If we find a kitchen gadget that cooks it better or makes it easier, we will be sure to let you know. Any recommendations will always be genuine. We are proud of the work we produce, and this website so as such any products used or suggested will reflect that.

Let's get Personal

source So you know what the blog is about, but what about me, the writer?

site de rencontre nord 59 My name is Lisa and I live in Swansea south Wales with my husband, our two cuddly British Shorthairs and a gremlin like Boston terrier named Burt.

site chat rencontre tunisie My husband is also a contributor to the site, with a background in web design and as a Chartered Marketer. He's the brains behind the scenes, and I'm the creative side of things. I have a background in health care of all things, and my tonic at the end of the day is my kitchen.

conocer gente pareja With my first month's pay after qualifying in my full time job, I bought myself an expensive (at the time) point and shoot camera, which I researched for weeks. I had visions of being like a mix between Mary Berry and David Loftus. Needless to say my Flickr account from 2009 doesn't quite reflect that dream! But fast forward to 2017 and I've come a long way in the food that I cook, and the photographs that I take. The blog has been part of that evolution.

enter Like a lot of people I have struggled with periods of low self esteem, and mild anxiety and depression over the years. Usually dipping in and out of medication when really necessary but trying to avoid it in general.

The past two years have been a particularly difficult time. As we embarked on the journey of starting a family, and have had to deal with the highs and (mainly) lows of miscarriage and being diagnosed as medically infertile, which certainly brings your self esteem to a new low.

When you're down and either don't feel like eating, or only want to eat the indulgent calorie laden treats (because after all you deserve it after all the heartache) it can start a vicious cycle of weight gain, low energy and even lower self esteem.

Towards the end of 2016 we realised we needed to do something about it, make simple changes to our lifestyle to help get us feeling healthier and happier in ourselves, regardless of what life is throwing at us.

lovely appetite

It would also be a good idea to get ourselves in a good condition if we decided to go down the route of IVF. This change in mindset around what we eat, making sure we take our own healthy lunches to work, staying active, making the most of every moment, and exploring as much as possible, has helped us on the road to feeling better and fitter.

This has ultimately shaped the mantra you read at the top of the page.