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Over indulged over the Festive period?New Year New You?Or just looking for work lunch inspiration?This post is a roundup of 20 delicious recipe ideas, which are easy and perfect for work lunches.It's so

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Here’s to 2018

The main reason for this post is to raise awareness for a charity I am raising money for, along with some close friends. We will be running our first (and quite possibly my last) half marathon in February

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Tomato Risotto Recipe

It's October, Summer is officially over and we welcome Autumn. So I thought it was about time I shared my tomato risotto recipe.It's my favourite time of year in the food calendar (Spring is my favourite

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Fitness Through Infertility

This post is about my fitness journey. The peaks and troughs from my teens to my thirties, and how I've managed to finally find a balance that suits me, and a mindset that will hopefully set me up for

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How I Feel About Infertility

So yesterday was our sign off at the fertility clinic. After 2 and a half years under their care, they solemnly look up from our paperwork and explain that no amount of medication or lifestyle changes

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We recently finished a month of a whole food plant based diet (like vegan but also focusing on whole grains and reducing fats). Matt actually took to it far better than me, I really missed meat! What I

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Sosban Llanelli Review- The New Taster Menu

Regular readers to Lovely Appetite will know I’ve had a long love affair with Sosban Llanelli. Just a short drive from Swansea, located in an impeccably restored grade II listed building at Llanelli’s

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I'm really excited to partner with Eastman and Lock & Lock to bring you recipes that go perfectly with their food containers, which I have been trying over the past few months.As it is Summer

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6 easy low carb ideas with Panasonic combi microwave

We’ve recently been trying to eat more healthily. Our aim was to have a more balanced diet, get fit and keep active, and lose a little weight at the same time. Nothing drastic, just to feel more

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Tabouleh Style Salad

This quick and easy recipe is a combination of a traditional Tabouleh style salad with your classic British salad. I am obsessed with Middle Eastern cuisine, and any unusual salads at the moment.Mainly

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Caipirinha – a Coriander Queen Tribute

This citrus based cocktail uses Cachaca, a Brazilian spirit made from sugar canes. Limes and brown sugar combine with the Cachaca to make a truly refreshing cocktail with plenty of zing. Caipirinha -

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My Special Macaroni Cheese

I love this macaroni cheese recipe, because just a few extra ingredients like the onion powder, Brie and Worcester sauce take the flavour up a notch. It is most certainly an indulgent recipe, that I usually

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Caramel Easter Nest Cupcakes

This caramel Easter nest cupcake recipe combines a few of my favourite things. My reduced sugar chocolate cupcakes, and my easy caramel sauce which I used in my caramel egg brownies. Caramel Easter

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Spicy Chicken Casserole

We love eating this spicy chicken casserole at home for a number of reasons; it uses our favourite jerk paste, I can put my feet up while it’s cooking, it’s really healthy and most importantly, it

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Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

I must admit I had never heard of a creme egg scotch egg recipe until my colleague requested I make them.She knew I loved baking and had seen them online, so asked if I would make them for her.How could

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