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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Atlanta Georgia, Buy Viagra with mastercard in Killeen Texas

‘Tis the season to be jolly… I’ve created a super simple cocktail recipe using Feel Good Drinks, which is perfect for the festive season. I was sent a selection of their drinks to try

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Middle Eastern Style Chicken Stew

We have recently got back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam. One night while walking along the beautiful streets of the Jordaan, looking for somewhere to eat, we passed the most amazing smell! It was like

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Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Oh my, is it that time already?! Christmas really isn’t that far away! If you have a loved one who is obsessed with food, and are looking for gift inspiration then this is the post for you. I have

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River Cottage with Foodies 100 2016

  You may remember last year when I came home raving about River Cottage after spending a day there with Foodies100. Thankfully, they hosted another event this year, but this time it was an evening

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Carrot, ginger and apple juice made easy with the Panasonic slow juicer

I love carrot and apple juice, add a little ginger and it takes it to a whole other level. Sweet, but slightly earthy and a spicy kick to it too. It’s the most refreshing juice I have ever had. The

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Christmas Dinner Hacks with Matalan

I am so excited to show you my recent collaboration with Matalan, as part of their #getyourstripes campaign with Alder- Hey Children’s Hospital and charity. Not only is this video for a great cause,

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Spicy meatball and feta sub

As it’s bonfire night coming up, I thought I would share a recipe I thought was fitting for the evening. Growing up, every November 5th we would usually go to a local rubgy club or pub to watch their

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Cirio Giveaway

Happy Birthday to Lovely Appetite! We have been running a 4 whole  years! To celebrate, we have a few giveaways coming up, starting with my all time favourite Cirio tinned tomatoes. Most things I cook

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Win a Fair Trade hamper for National Nut Day with Liberation Foods 

Liberate Your Nuts and Win a Fairtrade Hamper Saturday 22 October marks National Nut Day and farmer-owned Fair Trade nut company, Liberation Foods will be celebrating the many virtues of nuts as tasty,

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Plum and Fig Cheesecake Cake Recipe

This was one of those recipes that came about from trying to use up things I had in the cupboards and fridge. I didn’t expect to be sharing it, as I didn’t know if it would work, but after

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Jamie Oliver lamb curry shepherds pie recipe

  I’ve been subscribing to Jamie Oliver magazine for nearly 4 years now so have quite a stash. I keep them all, and every month I’ll pull out old issues as inspiration for seasonal things

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Chocolate pots with roasted figs recipe

This recipe dates back to when I was about 7. I was at a BBQ hosted by a work friend of my Dads, whose husband happened to be the head chef of a top local restaurant. The food was grown up, and beyond

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Joe’s Ice Cream, Red-10 Diner & Odeon at East gate Llanelli

If you’ve been to Swansea, you’ll have probably heard of Joe’s Ice Cream. It’s a local ice cream that we all know and love. So it’s great news that they have recently opened

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Homemade pink lemonade ice lollies recipe

I always get over excited when buying lemons, a bit like Jamie Oliver (anyone else notice he seems to LOVE lemons?). Recently I had a few lemons leftover, and a handful of raspberries so decided to make

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Coriander and Lime Chicken Kebabs

Chicken kababs are so easy, even Jamie Oliver has loads of ideas of how to make really healthy, tasty and interesting meals with them. These kebabs are packed full of flavour, can be easily cooked on either

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