matalan Christmas dinner tips video

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I am so excited to show you my recent collaboration with Matalan, as part of their #getyourstripes campaign with Alder- Hey Children’s Hospital and charity.

Not only is this video for a great cause, with a lovely retailer like Matalan (I love their clothing and home wares) it’s also got some personal significance for me too.

This year will be the first year I am hosting a big Christmas dinner.

I have done it on a smaller scale before, and often had a lot of help from my Mum. But this year I am totally flying solo and they will be coming to my new home, as a home owner. That makes it feel all the more exciting, and has made me really think about how to not only make a delicious Christmas dinner, but to also try and make life a little easier for myself.

I hope this video helps you too.

You may also notice, it’s my first proper video, and my first time in front of the camera! Even more exciting!

I do hope you find this useful, as ever I would love to know what you think. Don’t forget to check out other tips and hints, and also the awesome pyjamas with the #getyourstripes campaign too!!

About the Author Lisa

I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

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