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So the first month of 2016 is at a close. That went quickly!

Unlike the weather, it’s been a great month for We Should Cocoa. The amount of simple chocolate recipes is impressive! Ranging from home made chocolate to vegan mouse, to slow cooker giant scones! I never realised you could make so many unique simple chocolate treats.

Thanks to those who linked up, it’s great to see such a sense of community in the food blogger world. Without further a do here is a round up of the fantastic simple chocolate recipes:

Making healthy choices linked up with this home made chocolate with raspberries. Home made chocolate?! Now that is cool! I also love raspberries and chocolate, it’s my favourite combination.

home made chocolate

The next entry was from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary and saw quinoa protein energy bars for a nice long hike or much needed post work-out boost.

chocolate energy bar

A super simply but classy recipe was entered by Family Friends Food. This 3 ingredient vegan rich chocolate tart  looks too good to be true.

3 ingredient vegan chocolate tart

This chocolate orange hot chocolate from Law Students Cookbook uses some interesting Valencia orange peel to make a simple but indulgent hot chocolate.

hot chocolate

I’m big into oats and flapjacks at the minute as way to try and make breakfasts more interesting. So this chocolate and ginger flapjack from Mainly Baking sounds like the ultimate breakfast or snack treat!

chocolate ginger flapjack

Next in line was this delicious creamy mocha cheesecake from Blogdacious. Who doesn’t love cheesecake!!

chocolate cheesecake

I love the sound of these raw chocolate brownie bites from Lancashire food. They look absolutely delicious but healthy at the same time!!

raw chocolate bites

This millionaires chocolate truffle flapjacks recipe from the fabulous Belleau kitchen is a great idea for using up some Belgian chocolates. In fact I think I’d prefer to use them in this anyway!

chocolate truffle flapjack

And from the creator of We Should Cocoa herself (Tin & Thyme), here are some healthy chocolate chia puddings. I LOVE when treats are healthy!

chocolate chia

Queen of slow cooker puds – Baking Queen 74 had a rather impressive offering of a slow cooker nutella giant scone!

slow cooker chocolate scone

I challenge you not to drool over these vegan chocolate mousse! from Thinly Spread. They look far too good!

vegan chocolate mousse

The Gluten Free Alchemist has really impressed with these vegan and gluten free chocolate cakes . They have a whipped coconut cream topping which just looks and sounds fantastic!

vegan gluten free chocolate cake

A welcome diversion into the drinks variety comes from Munchies and Munchkins. This snickers style peanut butter milkshake  not only looks divine but is also healthy too!

snickers milkshake

How awesome do chocolate filled puffles sound? Puff pastry and chocolate meeting a waffle maker is the ingenious recipe linked up from Bakenquilt.

chocolate puff pastry waffles

Always late to the party was my entry of chewy cornflake squares. A nostalgic simple recipe using Mars bars.

old school cornflake cake

Thanks to Choclette of Tin & Thyme for giving me the honour of hosting We Should Cocoa this month, and thanks again for all the entries. February’s We Should Cocoa is being hosted back at Tin & Thyme so do make sure to check it out.


About the Author Lisa

I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

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