the vale resort

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We recently stayed at The Vale Resort for one night dinner bed and breakfast as a nice night away from all our housework and stresses at work. Read on  for my review.


The Vale Resort is situated in the beautiful area of the Vale of Glamorgan, set in over 650 acres of woodland. The resort is deceptively  just three minutes off junction 34 of the M4 and just 15 minutes from Cardiff.

Address: Hensol Park, Pontyclun, Hensel, Vale of Glamorgan CF72 8JY

vale of glamorgan


Comfort was certainly a big plus at The Vale Resort. Our room had a balcony overlooking the golf course with a table and chairs, perfect for a morning cup of tea and some time for relaxing. The room was very well equiped and had a luxurious feel to it.

We didn’t try the spa, but it’s boasted as being Wales’ largest, as well as having two championship golf courses, so comfort certainly isn’t an issue.

the vale resort


This was as you would expect for a high end golf resort, courteous and efficient. From check in to our evening meal we felt like they couldn’t do enough for us, and they were the same to other guests as well.


The food wasn’t as opulent as I anticipated. Which was actually a nice surprise. You walk through a bar area before you get to the restaurant, so there was an eclectic mix of what looked like guests dressed up for a romantic night away, with a mix of what I assumed were regulars to the golf course socialising after a day on the course. This gave it a laid back atmosphere where you could dress up or down and still wouldn’t feel out of place.

You can see the pass, and the chefs cooking from your tables. This adds a little theatre and it’s also good to see what’s going on in the kitchen.

To start I had the Perl Wen wedges, and Matt had the fish cakes.

The cheese was perfectly gooey in the middle and the beetroot went so well with it.

the vale resort review

The fish cake was also a hit and had lots of flavour. I don’t usually like fish cakes but even I went back for another taste.

the vale review

For the main I had the belly pork, and Matt had the fillet steak.

The belly pork was actually the nicest I’ve ever had. It was deceptively full of tender meat and the crispy top had bags of flavour. It was served with polenta chips, which in the past I haven’t been that fussed on. But these were herby and so tasty I even preferred them to my husbands normal chips.

the vale review

His steak was cooked perfectly and served with a really good peppercorn sauce and chunky chips. What’s not to like?

the vale review

As a side we had balsamic glazed red onions and sweet potato, which again was very good.

vale resort review

For dessert I had the banana fritters, and Matt had the mint chocolate cheesecake.

There was only one problem with my dessert, there wasn’t enough of it! The fritters were absolutely gorgeous, perfectly sweet with a hint of cinnamon laid on some hazelnut chocolate sauce. I practically inhaled it. It was also served with a really good pistachio ice cream, which complimented the fritters and chocolate really well.

the vale review

His cheesecake went down well too! Served with the same chocolate sauce as mine, and some chocolate ice cream too.

the vale resort review

To finish, as a treat I also ordered a floater coffee. This was actually not only the prettiest, but also one of the best I’ve tasted.

the vale

The breakfast was very good too. There was plenty of choice from continental or cooked breakfast. All cooked in front of you and self served. The poached eggs were particularly good!

breakfast at the vale

Would we go back?

Absolutely, although if we go back we will definitely leave more time for the spa too.

They have some fantastic offers available for the New Year too, to help beat those winter blues!

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