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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Bridgeport Connecticut, Cheap Viagra in Norwalk California

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Bridgeport Connecticut, Cheap Viagra in Norwalk California

Regular readers to Lovely Appetite will know I’ve had a long love affair with Sosban Llanelli. Just a short drive from Swansea, located in an impeccably restored grade II listed building at Llanelli’s

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Rediscovering Swansea’s Food Scene

I was born in Swansea, and have lived here for most of my life. Over the years I have seen some wonderful food establishments come and go, as often it wasn’t the right time, or location despite having

Continue reading

I Love Abergavenny – and The Angel Hotel

Abergavenny has to be one of my favourite places to visit… EVER! For a start it’s really central, just an hour from me in Swansea, but it also has good connections from anywhere in the South

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An Indian Feast with Tefal Ingenio & L’atelier des Chefs

I was recently invited to a cookery class at atalier des chefs by Tefal, to celebrate their ingenio range and cook up some delicious Indian food. I’ve always dabbled in Indian cookery as it’s

Continue reading

River Cottage with Foodies 100 2016

  You may remember last year when I came home raving about River Cottage after spending a day there with Foodies100. Thankfully, they hosted another event this year, but this time it was an evening

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Joe’s Ice Cream, Red-10 Diner & Odeon at East gate Llanelli

If you’ve been to Swansea, you’ll have probably heard of Joe’s Ice Cream. It’s a local ice cream that we all know and love. So it’s great news that they have recently opened

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AEG Tasteology at Taste of London 2016 GIVEAWAY

Taste of London is back with a bang this year, with plenty of exciting culinary experiences lined up. It runs from 15th – 19th June, and sees Regent’s Park being transformed into a culinary wonderland. There

Continue reading

Sosban Llanelli – Restaurant Review

Read the latest review about the new menu at Sosban Lanelli.

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A Welsh Themed Platter with Swansea University and The Kings Head Gower

Everyone has some sense of pride and bias for where they live, but I am lucky enough to be able to say I live near the Gower. The UK’s first designated area of outstanding natural beauty. I’m

Continue reading

Dine & Stay Recommendations: The Vale Resort Review

We recently stayed at The Vale Resort for one night dinner bed and breakfast as a nice night away from all our housework and stresses at work. Read on for my review.

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Introducing Supper Clubs to South West Wales with Hardies Supper Club

Ever wondered what a Supper Club is? I’ve tried one out for you, learn all about them here.

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Locke & Remedy Cardiff Review

The latest addition to the restaurant scene in Cardiff is Locke & Remedy. As part of their opening weeks, they invited me to review their new venture. As part of this, the food and drink mentioned

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A Day at River Cottage With Foodies100

Discover what it’s like to spend a day at River Cottage.

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Abergevenny Food Festival 2015

    I’d always heard that if you were into food festivals, that Abergevenny Food Festival was one not to miss! But until this year I had never even been to Abergevenny, let alone to the

Continue reading

What to expect at The Big Feastival

So you’re going to The Big Feastival? Lucky you! There are plenty of reasons why I love the Big Feastival! I’m a major Jamie Oliver fan, and Alex James too. Set in an idyllic part of the world,

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