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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Grand Prairie Texas, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Columbus Ohio

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Grand Prairie Texas, Buy Viagra 150 mg in Columbus Ohio

Regular readers to Lovely Appetite will know I’ve had a long love affair with Sosban Llanelli. Just a short drive from Swansea, located in an impeccably restored grade II listed building at Llanelli’s

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Froothie Optimum Healthyfry Air Fryer Review & Giveaway

So you love chips, but always feel guilty when you have them, and hate the smell from the deep fat fryer (or like me don’t have a deep fat fryer, so have to awkwardly cook them in your biggest pan). And

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I Love Abergavenny – and The Angel Hotel

Abergavenny has to be one of my favourite places to visit… EVER! For a start it’s really central, just an hour from me in Swansea, but it also has good connections from anywhere in the South

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Christmas Stained Glass Biscuits Recipe

This christmas stained glass biscuit recipe was created with the Panasonic MX-ZX1800SXC blender and is adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, for the experience fresh campaign. They make lovely Christmas

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An Indian Feast with Tefal Ingenio & L’atelier des Chefs

I was recently invited to a cookery class at atalier des chefs by Tefal, to celebrate their ingenio range and cook up some delicious Indian food. I’ve always dabbled in Indian cookery as it’s

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Win a Thermapen MK4 for the perfect Turkey this Christmas

I am very excited to be giving away a Thermapen thermometer just in time for Christmas! It is well known that turkey can be notoriously dry, and nobody wants to be disappointed this Christmas! So checking

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Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Oh my, is it that time already?! Christmas really isn’t that far away! If you have a loved one who is obsessed with food, and are looking for gift inspiration then this is the post for you. I have

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River Cottage with Foodies 100 2016

  You may remember last year when I came home raving about River Cottage after spending a day there with Foodies100. Thankfully, they hosted another event this year, but this time it was an evening

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Carrot, ginger and apple juice made easy with the Panasonic slow juicer

I love carrot and apple juice, add a little ginger and it takes it to a whole other level. Sweet, but slightly earthy and a spicy kick to it too. It’s the most refreshing juice I have ever had. The

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Christmas Dinner Hacks with Matalan

I am so excited to show you my recent collaboration with Matalan, as part of their #getyourstripes campaign with Alder- Hey Children’s Hospital and charity. Not only is this video for a great cause,

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Cirio Giveaway

Happy Birthday to Lovely Appetite! We have been running a 4 whole  years! To celebrate, we have a few giveaways coming up, starting with my all time favourite Cirio tinned tomatoes. Most things I cook

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Win a Fair Trade hamper for National Nut Day with Liberation Foods 

Liberate Your Nuts and Win a Fairtrade Hamper Saturday 22 October marks National Nut Day and farmer-owned Fair Trade nut company, Liberation Foods will be celebrating the many virtues of nuts as tasty,

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Joe’s Ice Cream, Red-10 Diner & Odeon at East gate Llanelli

If you’ve been to Swansea, you’ll have probably heard of Joe’s Ice Cream. It’s a local ice cream that we all know and love. So it’s great news that they have recently opened

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How to make Nachos like a pro

I love Nachos, they’re the perfect sociable treat. Put a big bowl in the middle of the table, and everyone just loves to dip in and eat up. They’re also an awesome snack for a date night, or

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Sosban Llanelli – Restaurant Review

Read the latest review about the new menu at Sosban Lanelli.

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