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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Clarksville Tennessee, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Birmingham Alabama

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Clarksville Tennessee, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Birmingham Alabama

We recently finished a month of a whole food plant based diet (like vegan but also focusing on whole grains and reducing fats). Matt actually took to it far better than me, I really missed meat! What I

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I'm really excited to partner with Eastman and Lock & Lock to bring you recipes that go perfectly with their food containers, which I have been trying over the past few months.As it is Summer

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6 easy low carb ideas with Panasonic combi microwave

We’ve recently been trying to eat more healthily. Our aim was to have a more balanced diet, get fit and keep active, and lose a little weight at the same time. Nothing drastic, just to feel more

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Tabouleh Style Salad

This quick and easy recipe is a combination of a traditional Tabouleh style salad with your classic British salad. I am obsessed with Middle Eastern cuisine, and any unusual salads at the moment.Mainly

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Caipirinha – a Coriander Queen Tribute

This citrus based cocktail uses Cachaca, a Brazilian spirit made from sugar canes. Limes and brown sugar combine with the Cachaca to make a truly refreshing cocktail with plenty of zing. Caipirinha -

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My Special Macaroni Cheese

I love this macaroni cheese recipe, because just a few extra ingredients like the onion powder, Brie and Worcester sauce take the flavour up a notch. It is most certainly an indulgent recipe, that I usually

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Caramel Easter Nest Cupcakes

This caramel Easter nest cupcake recipe combines a few of my favourite things. My reduced sugar chocolate cupcakes, and my easy caramel sauce which I used in my caramel egg brownies. Caramel Easter

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Spicy Chicken Casserole

We love eating this spicy chicken casserole at home for a number of reasons; it uses our favourite jerk paste, I can put my feet up while it’s cooking, it’s really healthy and most importantly, it

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Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

I must admit I had never heard of a creme egg scotch egg recipe until my colleague requested I make them.She knew I loved baking and had seen them online, so asked if I would make them for her.How could

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Easy Tomato Bruschetta

This tomato bruschetta recipe is so incredibly easy and quick to make. It’s fresh and full of flavour too. I have made this for friends who have come over for a meal, and it has always gone down well.

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Jamie Oliver Pork Tacos

This Jamie Oliver pork tacos recipe was developed after picking up some great discounted pork tenderloin, and having most of the ingredients for Jamie Olivers Mexican marinated pork tenderloin.The only

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Rediscovering Swansea’s Food Scene

I was born in Swansea, and have lived here for most of my life. Over the years I have seen some wonderful food establishments come and go, as often it wasn’t the right time, or location despite having

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Truffle and Mushroom Linguine Pasta

My truffle and mushroom linguine pasta is full of flavour and quick and easy to make. In fact, you can make it in less than 15 minutes! Truffle and Mushroom Linguine Pasta A 10 minute luxurious lunch,

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Parmentier Root Vegetable Recipe

Parmentier root vegetable recipe, with the Froothie Optimum Healthyfry Rapid Air Fryer You may have noticed on my social media that I have teamed up with Froothie. They’re a quality kitchen appliances

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Gennaro Contaldo’s Bertollini Pasta With Broccoli and Crispy Pancetta

I recently teamed up with Bertolli to recreate one of the pasta dishes from their website. There’s lots to choose from! But I decided to go with the pasta with broccoli and crispy pancetta from their

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