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Oh my, is it that time already?! Christmas really isn’t that far away!

If you have a loved one who is obsessed with food, and are looking for gift inspiration then this is the post for you.

I have compiled some ideas just in time for payday so you can get a head start!

For the recipe lovers:

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I have had this subscription for over 3 years now, and renew it every year. It’s a lovely quality magazine with so many ideas, and seasonal inspiration.

Right now they are offering 6months subscription for £9.95 and a year for £31.99 which is great value.


Jamie Oliver Superfood

The latest in Jamie Olivers’ series of cookbooks is called Superfood. It’s full of healthy balanced recipes suitable for the whole family. I treated myself to this recently and love the details, and information on how to eat more healthily.

Currently £12 for the Hardback

jamie oliver superfood

Sabrina Ghayour Sirocco

This is my favourite cookcook I have bought this year. I have always wanted to get to grips with Middle Eastern and Morrocan food, and the recipes in this book are simple and easy to achieve but really tasty! She explains the spices and mixes she uses really well too, so you’re not left clueless when you go to shop for ingredients.

Currently £6.99 for the Hardback

sabrina ghayour sirocco

The Dairy Diary

I love these cute books. One is a diary and the other a recipe book. The binding is really useful to be able to make notes in and open wide when you’re making the recipes too. The recipe book features 100 of their favourite recipes over the past 35 years. The recipes cover delicious bakes, and everyday meals too.

At £7.99 for the diary and £8.25 for the cookbook they are nicely priced too.

dairy diary

The Scotch Whisky Treasures

At £39.95 this is at the higher end of the scale for a foodie book. I am no whisky expert so I asked a friend who is, to have a look at it. They were really impressed, they said for the detail and extras included in the book, he felt it was worth more. It also features rare memorabilia prints that he felt were worth framing and putting up in his house. So this comes highly recommended for a whisky fan.

the scotch whisky treasures

For the lovers of booze

Aldi Wines

The past few months have seen me try various wines are part of the Aldi wine club. I’ve been impressed with each one, and it’s been nice to try wines I wouldn’t usually buy. For quality wines at a reasonable price you can’t go wrong with Aldi.


Martin Millers Gin

Celebrated as the most award winning Gin over the past 10 years, this bottle comes with some high praise. My parents are the Gin lovers in my family, and I’ve never seen them with a bottle of this Gin. So it was good to get them to sample it to give their opinion. They really enjoyed it, and would buy it again so it gets their seal of approval too. At around £24 a bottle it’s also very well priced.

martin millers gin

Rubis Chocolate Port

Now I am  big fan of chocolate port, after trying it from Marks and Spencer last year. I was contacted by 31Dover about their Rubis chocolate port and had to try it. This would make a great stocking filler at just £2.95 and would be good if you were making a home made hamper.

rubis chocolate port


This is an absolute cocktail cabinet essential in my house. It makes a delicious French Martini and also is lovely as a dash in Prosecco. I’m sure any cocktail lover would love this as a gift. At just £6.50 for a 200ml bottle it’s very reasonable too.


Best Of The West Country Indulgence Box

This hamper costs £53.99, for one, or you can pay more for monthly deliveries up to 6 months. It’s a lovely idea for that person who likes to nibble and try new things. I was really impressed with the quality of this hamper, both the food and drink itself and also the packaging. I will be enjoying the sparkling elderflower wine on Christmas day for sure!

best of the west country hamper

For the Kitchen Gadget lovers

Robert Welch Signature Knife set

Any budding chef will know that a good knife set is very important. But often us home cooks put up with what we have, and long for the quality knife sets as one of those things we never get around to buying. This is why it’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook. I was sent these Robert Welch signature knives to try and I was really impressed. They’re nicely balanced and sharper than the usual knives you can buy, as they’re based on a Japanese design.

At £95 it’s a higher end purchase, but if you want to impress your loved one and make their foodie Christmas, this would certainly do it!

Robert Welch Knives


Serious cooks use thermometers to check their food, it’s well known. But it’s so difficult to find a reliable and fast thermometer, I’ve ruined roasts by thinking their not cooked enough because my thermometer was out, and nobody likes dry tough meat! This gift is particularly useful at Christmas too for that temperamental turkey that goes from succulent to dry in a matter of minutes if over cooked. The model shown is £60, but they’re also available from £48 and make a great investment to any serious chef.


Hotpoint Induction Milk Frother

I used to own a cheap milk frother, and it died on me in a matter of months. What I love about this milk frother is it can heat and froth separately so is good for milkshakes, hot chocolates or coffee. I drink hot chocolate most weeks, and it is a pain to heat milk, so my milk frother actually gets used pretty often! For any hot chocolate or coffee fan this is a great gift. Priced between £50-£69 depending on the website this is a great quality gift that won’t break the bank.

hotpoint milk frother

Oxo Complete Grate & Slice

This multi tasking grater and slicer is a really handy kitchen gadget to have. It combines numerous plates neatly stored in a box, which also acts as a collector for whatever you’re grating, so it’s great for less mess, and limited kitchen space. I also like the fact it has a grip handle to protect your hands when you’re using the grater. At £30 it’s a nice middle range gift.

oxo multi grater

For the health conscious

Protein Works

I have 2 fitness fanatics in my family. Both are always on the lookout for easy ways to eat more protein. If you have that person in your life too, you can get lots of ideas from the discount supplements link above. We tried the protein porridge, which my Husband found a little bland, but my Dad loves. There is plenty to choose from though, and any gym freak who’s obsessed with their macro diet and eating less carbs and more protein will be grateful for the gift!

protein supplements

The Groovy Food Company

I have tried quite a few of their products already, but was sent some coconut sugar and more coconut oil and agave too. I love the Groovy Food company. Coconut oil is very popular at the moment, especially with people like Joe Wicks using it in every day cooking. I also find the agave is a great sugar substitute and brilliant in baking too as it’s already a syrup. The coconut sugar was delicious too and is better for you than normal sugars, as it is absorbed more slowly.

Priced anywhere from £2.50 to £8.00 these would make great stocking fillers or as part of a foodie hamper.

groovy food company

Positivitea gift set

This luxury tea and chocolate set is perfect for the health conscious who still want their treats. Natural herb teas and raw chocolates combine to make a balanced, yet indulgent treat. At around £12.00 it’s a good price too.


 For the chocoholics

Booja Booja Truffles

These organic, dairy, soya and gluten free chocolates pretty much have it all. If you’re looking for luxury chocolates or free-from chocolates these are the ones to get. The box shown is £8.99 so comes in at a reasonable price too and is available at Holland and Barrett


Gnaw Hot Chocolate Shots

I love these hot chocolate sticks, I think they’re suited to children and adults alike. You can’t beat a novelty hot chocolate. At £5.99 it’s a good price too.


Monty Bojangles

These are some lovely truffles! They’ve won great taste awards too, this is a sure-fire easy way to make that chocoholic in your life happy this Christmas. Prices upwards of £3.50.


And for your furry friend…

I couldn’t leave old Burt out now could I?! These biscuits from the bic ‘n’ mix section at Pets Corner were just too adorable to leave out. Burt is pleased with them too!

Dog treats gift

party dog


I was sent some of these products as samples to try. All recommendations and opinions are my own.

About the Author Lisa

I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

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