Froothie Optimum Healthyfry Air Fryer Review & Giveaway

enter So you love chips, but always feel guilty when you have them, and hate the smell from the deep fat fryer (or like me don’t have a deep fat fryer, so have to awkwardly cook them in your biggest pan).

source And you’re thinking of buying an air fryer so you can have ‘guilt free’ chips whenever you like, and who knows where it will go from there, maybe you’ll fall in love with the air fryer and discover lots of lovely healthy recipes to make with it. The only issue now is, choosing which air fryer to buy! Sound about right?!

That is pretty much the reason anyone I know who owns one bought one, including myself. This is in fact my second air fryer! The first was a circular one from a well known brand that my Mother gave me, because I was insisting on making REAL chips for boxing day (a tradition of ours… cold meats, chips and salad on Boxing Day) and she was terrified I would burn down my (rented) house, with the cheap deep fat fryer I had bought from Argos.

So much so she spent a fortune on this air fryer, in order to swap it, so she would have my deep fat fryer. A Mothers love knows no bounds hey?!

That was 8 years ago, and within a year of having it, it started to lose its efficiency. Then we moved house, and it’s been sitting min my Mothers loft for the past 3 years.

So when I was recently contacted to become a Froothie ambassador, and was given a list of products to choose from (I was to have one product gifted to me for the purpose of an honest review) I spotted the Healthyfry Air Fryer and knew it was time to get back into air frying.

Parmentier Root Vegetables

So far I have been really impressed, and I prefer it to my old model. To simplify things I have bullet pointed the things I love best about it below, excluding the obvious… that it’s an airy fryer so uses less oil than conventional fryers!

  1. ligar gratis banco do brasil It’s small and compact, without compromising on capacity: I love that it comes as a narrow, square, tall unit. This is the easier shape and size to be able to fit both on my worktop, and in my cupboards. It is far easier to store that other models I have seen, which is important as nobody wants their worktops cluttered with every piece of kitchen equipment all the time. Despite being nice and compact, it also has a generous 2.5L capacity, which is larger than most others on the market, that I have seen.
  2. enter It’s lightweight and easy to carry: Continuing on the line of practicality of storage, it also happens to be very lightweight and has a really handy carry handle. That sounds bizarre so love the carry handle, but I have found it SO much easier to get in and out of my cupboards because of it.
  3. rencontre avec un homme IT IS EASY TO CLEAN! : Yes I capitalised this heading on purpose. There is nothing worse than a fancy kitchen gadget that is a nightmare to clean! This has a square tray with an insert that is easily removed and so, so easy to clean. It even has dishwasher friendly parts.
  4. how often should you see someone dating It has a removable tray:  So the tray I mention in the last post, is not only easy to remove (and clean) but also means it elevates the food slightly, so any juices or excess oils don’t make the food soggy. It also makes serving a lot easier as you just lift it up and shake the food out without the oils or juices going all over your food.
  5. It allows flexible cooking: It has suggested pre-sets built into the unit, but all you have to do is press the plus or minus buttons to increase, or decrease the time or heat, to change it to how you like it. This can also be done while cooking too, so if you think your food needs a little longer, you can just add a few more minutes on.
  6. go here It has an auto off: Once the timer has reached zero, and you remove the tray it automatically switches off.
  7. watch It’s shape makes it versatile: Because it is a square 2.5L tray, it lends itself to a whole lot more than just chips or vegetables! Unlike a lot of air fryers it mimics a traditional oven because of it’s shape, which is not only handy to add variety to your recipes with it, but also means it’s a great back up for your oven should anything happen to it, or if you want to holiday with it in somewhere with limited space or facilities.
  8. click here It comes with a comprehensive guarantee & warranty: Froothie offer a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee (when providing your expectations at purchase), and also have a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

Sounds good doesn’t it?! Well lucky for you, you can win one in the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

Froothie Optimum Healthyfry Rapid Air Fryer

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