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An Indian Feast with Tefal Ingenio & L’atelier des Chefs

I was recently invited to a cookery class at atalier des chefs by Tefal, to celebrate their ingenio range and cook up some delicious Indian food.

I’ve always dabbled in Indian cookery as it’s one of my favourite cuisines, but I’ve never quite been able to master it. So I was very excited when I found out what we’d be cooking.

tefal ingenio ataliers chefs london


The menu was:

o   Tandoori marinated chicken skewers

o   Karahi Okra and potato curry

o   Coriander chutney

o   Roti


ataliers des chefs london

L’atelier des Chefs is proud to be the UK’s most popular cookery school! Located in London’s Oxford Circus and St Paul’s, last year they taught over 30,000 people how to master a wide range of cuisines and skills earning them a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

tefal ingenio

The staff were very helpful and welcoming, so it is no surprise they do so well. The group I was with were also great fun. We each took it in turn to prep the food, which also included a paneer version for any vegetarians.

ataliers des chefs

We cooked the food using the Tefal ingenio range, which I must admit I hadn’t heard of. It’s basically sets of pans with a removable handle. They come with the infamous Tefal non stick coating, but some are available without it too so you don’t have to have all non-stick.

tefal ingenio

potato curry

Sounds good right? But I couldn’t actually appreciate how good it was until I used it, and had some sent to me at home too to test fully. There are so many features that I love, I felt it best to list them for you!

  1. The removable handle makes it super easy to cook on both the hob and in the oven. For example the chicken skewers were browned on a high heat on the hob, and then placed into an oven to finish cooking. You just picked it up using the handle, placed it in the oven and then removed the handle from the pan to act like a baking tray. SO easy.
  2. The handle is sturdier and easier to use than you think. As always, sometimes the pessimist in me sees an extra function as another thing to go wrong, but the handle is so easy to clip on and off, with just one hand. It’s also perfectly capable of supporting the pans when they’re full of food. So the weight and strength aren’t and issue AND the Tefal pack I had, included not one, but two handles so I already have a spare.
  3. You can accessorise them. Well not quite accessorise but there are so many different pans available, that once you have a handle or a basic pack, you can easily add to your collection by simply buying one off pieces, something that’s not quite so easy to do with other pan sets.
  4. They’re stack-able – hoorah! Because they have no handle, they totally stack within each other. GREAT news for foodie hoarders like me, who need ALL the pans, but doesn’t have the room.
  5. They come with awesome lids. Not only are the handles on the lids fold-able, so they’re totally flat and stack-able, which is great because I hate all my other handles that fall out of my cupboard every time I open it. But they also come with plastic covers, so that once you’re done cooking, the pan can double up as a container too.


Don’t just take my word for it, they also have a video which sums up the range really well too.

I have loved using the Tefal ingenio range at home, and am grateful to Tefal for the gift. Things I’ve cooked with it so far are:

Eggs in purgatory

Sweet potato and celeriac cottage pie

Spaghetti bolognese

If you like the sound of the class at Ataliers des chefs, I would thoroughly recommend going! For any readers I also have this great discount code too, which saves 10% and is valid on 60min, 90min and 2hour classes. Just use the code TEFAL10

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