joes icecream llanelli

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If you’ve been to Swansea, you’ll have probably heard of Joe’s Ice Cream. It’s a local ice cream that we all know and love.

So it’s great news that they have recently opened a parlour in Llanelli. As part of the opening I was invited to try their new sundae, with a meal at the Red-10 diner, and a film at the Odeon cinema with a costa hot chocolate to finish the evening off.

The great thing about being invited to do this review is that we actually go to the Eastgate centre in Llanelli for food and a film pretty regularly. So even though it was complimentary, we already recommend and use all the establishments mentioned in this post, and are regular paying customers normally.

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First was the Red 10 Diner.

llanelli restaurant

llanelli restaurant

llanelli restaurant


We enjoyed our meal at the Diner. The four of us ordered 2 burgers and 2 combo meals with a side of macaroni so that we could get a good idea of what the menu was like. Little did we know that the portions are HUGE! The focus is clearly on replicating the big portions you see in America, which will also appeal to those looking for value for money. The cost of the meals were very reasonable for both the amount of food and the quality.

llanelli milkshake

The food was served quickly, and was good quality. Clearly not fine dining, but honest American style food. It’s also great that they have good quality boxes that you can take some of your food home in, if it’s too much. Something that I’ve been told is actually very similar to how they do it in America too.

llanelli restaurant

burger llanelli

burger llanelli

It’s worth mentioning that the staff didn’t know we were reviewing until the bill, so none of their service, portions, or quality of the food would have been affected.

Joe’s Ice Cream

Next up was the Joe’s Ice Cream. By the time we had finished the Mammoth portions from the Red 10 diner we decided to share a medium Scarlets Sundae between each couple.

scarlets sundae

In celebration of the Llanelli opening, Joe’s Ice Cream parlour created a Scarlets Sundae (Scarlets are the local and very popular Rugby team). This consists of their delicious soft scoop vanilla ice cream layered with cherries, strawberries and hazelnut chocolate spread. What’s not to like?!

joes icecream llanelli

It was delicious!

Odeon and Costa

odeon llanelli

Finally, we went to see the film, which was War dogs at the Odeon cinema opposite. I love this cinema, as it’s a little on the small side, so the screens feel more intimate and less crowded. You can always find a parking space, and if you go in the evenings parking is free. Everything is very close together, from food, a cash point, a convenience store and the cinema complex itself. It has everything you need to make for a convenient, and fun date night.

To finish off our food I had a hot chocolate and Matt had a mint tea to settle his stomach from all the food we’d eaten! I do love a Costa hot chocolate while watching a film. Makes it almost feel like home.


Thanks to the people at East Gate for inviting us along, and as ever we are big fans of the East Gate complex for our date nights :).


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