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Viagra without prescription in Indianapolis Indiana, Order Viagra in Pasadena Texas

Viagra without prescription in Indianapolis Indiana, Order Viagra in Pasadena Texas

Read the latest review about the new menu at Sosban Lanelli.

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Credit Crunch Munch June 2016

June already?! That came about quickly! There’s no better time for me to be hosting this months Credit Crunch Munch linky. The clue is in the title, it’s a linky all about frugal food recipes,

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A Welsh Themed Platter with Swansea University and The Kings Head Gower

Everyone has some sense of pride and bias for where they live, but I am lucky enough to be able to say I live near the Gower. The UK’s first designated area of outstanding natural beauty. I’m

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Corned Beef Pie Recipe – An Old Favourite

Corned beef may have lost it’s popularity since the 19th Century and World War two. But in some pockets of the UK, particularly South Wales, and old working class communities, it is still a beloved favourite

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How to Reduce Food Waste – 50 Awesome Ideas for You to try

There’s no denying it, food waste is bad. According to UK charity Love Food Hate Waste: We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which, could

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Spiralized Courgette with Garlic Mushrooms

I’m new to spiralizing. The people at Qwerkity gifts sent me one to try and I was intrigued. I’d heard about it but didn’t really understand how it worked; What vegetables can you use?

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Welshcake Recipe

In time for St Davids Day, and to celebrate being Welsh I recently made a batch of Welshcakes. They’re a must for anyone wanting to try Welsh food as it’s one of the most popular Welsh dishes

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Valentines Drinks Guide

So this weekend it’s Valentines, a day synonymous with tatty cuddly toys, overpriced chocolates, and a last minute dash to get your loved one a card so that you don’t endure the guilt of not

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We Should Cocoa January 2016 Round Up

So the first month of 2016 is at a close. That went quickly! Unlike the weather, it’s been a great month for We Should Cocoa. The amount of simple chocolate recipes is impressive! Ranging from home

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Cookbook Recommendations To See You Through 2016

Here are my choices for the best cookbooks to see you into 2016. They are packed full of awesome recipes, that are easy to follow. And if like me you’re looking to take steps towards being more

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Christmas Drinks Guide 2015

Fancy trying a drink that’s a little different than your usual Christmas day tipple? Or just need inspiration for what drinks to get? Well, you’re in luck as I have a few ideas to share with

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Gemista – Greek Stuffed Tomatoes

Reminiscent of a recent holiday in Kefalonia, this stuffed tomatoes (Gemista) recipe is fresh tasty and certainly not your typical vegetarian recipe!

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

10 ideas for the perfect gift to get that foodie in your life this Christmas. Gifts over a large range of prices to suit all budgets.

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Introducing Supper Clubs to South West Wales with Hardies Supper Club

Ever wondered what a Supper Club is? I’ve tried one out for you, learn all about them here.

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Capsicana Cook Sauce Review

When I was fresh out the blocks… One of the first products I ever reviewed on the blog were a variety of chillies from a guy called @chilliben from Capsicana. Not only were the chillies awesome!

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