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Viagra where can i buy in South Bend Indiana, I need to buy Viagra in Charleston South Carolina

Viagra where can i buy in South Bend Indiana, I need to buy Viagra in Charleston South Carolina

I recently got invited to attend the Taste Of London Festival, being held at Regents Park from 17th – 21st June 2015. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. But the good news is that means

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Why is wasabi hot?

If you google wasabi, the first thing that will probably pop up is a wikipedia article stating how hard it is to cultivate, which makes it expensive, and rare to find real wasabi outside of Japan. For

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5 things I didn’t know about coffee

  On a rainy day in Cardiff last November, I attended a #coffeewithcurrys  event (in conjunction with Nespresso) at the lovely Waterloo Tea (Wyndham Arcade), with fellow blogger Munchies and Munchkins.

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Thrifty gifts

Valentines is fastly approaching, so I thought I’d share a gift I gave my fiance last Christmas as it’s cheap, meaningful and also appropriate for Valentines. My other half and I never really

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Project Wedding Smile

After eleven and a half years together, 2013 was the year we got engaged! 2014 will be the year we move into our newly renovated Victorian home, and 2015 will be the year we get married (and maybe even

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Celebrations from around the world

I mentioned in my last post I wanted to celebrate more in 2014. I want to celebrate as many ‘wordly’ celebrations as I can manage. I think its a good excuse to have fun, learn about other cultures

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New Year, New Outlooks; here’s to 2014

The New Year is upon us. We’re rapidly heading into 2014 (and already have in some places). Lovely appetite is now a year old and I’ve started to get a feel for this blogging malarkey. Every

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*PRIZE-DRAW* Win a Foodie Selection

LovelyAppetite was one year old in November so to celebrate I’ve collected a few foodie treats to give away as a prize to my lovely readers. So what’s inside? Delicious Green & Black’s

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Planning your perfect kitchen

You may have noticed from my twitter account that I am renovating a Victorian house, which (fingers crossed) will be our home by the end of the year. As someone who loves to cook, top of my list was the

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Planning your wedding breakfast

My lovely boyfriend of 11 years asked me to marry him recently, and I of course said YES. So in the midst of trying to renovate our house on a budget, and live with my (rather manic) family we are now

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Living with a vegetarian

You may remember my post about my sisters dilemma of whether to go vegetarian. Well she is now officially vegetarian! It’s surprising how much your outlook on food, cooking and shopping changes when

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Hot Toddy cold remedy

It’s winter; that time of year where I have an excuse to crave spiced rum in pretty much everything! It’s also that time of year where everyone seems to be sniffing and snivelling. I’ve recently

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Getting started

I’ve been writing and testing my favourite home recipes recently to really get the blog started and it occurred to me; my cupboards are stocked regularly with my ‘go-to’ herbs and condiments

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My first ever post.

Welcome to lovely appetite! My name is Lisa and I’m a newbie food blogger.   Now before you think “oh great! Not another food blogger” bear with me and let me persuade you otherwise!   This

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