saint davids day recipe

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Every year it’s good to have a spring clean. Well consider this a spring clean for Lovely Appetite.

We’d love your feedback on how we can make the website more useful to you, the reader.

Don’t hold back, it is anonymous for a reason! We want to know how you feel about using recipes, and how we can make sure our recipes and posts not only work for you, but are interesting to you too.

We’ve also kept it short, after all we know you probably have better things to do!

If you do have a spare minute, we would really appreciate your thoughts on how we can improve.


Just click on the link below.





About the Author Lisa

I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

follow me on:
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