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I’ve heard so many good things about this restaurant, it’s been on my list to visit for years. A recent impromptu date night with my husband gave us the opportunity to visit as they had room for us. Read on for my review of Pant Y Gwydr restaurant.


Located in Swansea city centre, Pant Y Gwydr would actually be pretty easy to miss. It’s located on a quiet side street in the Sandfields, which is a residential area on the edge of Swansea city centre. This is why most people in Swansea will have heard of Pant Y Gwydr, but not necessarily seen it (like myself). It’s certainly not one to be missed though!





Inside is a clean, elegant interior, with local artwork and a contrast of stylish bare stone walls against natural varnished wood floors and furniture.

We ate next to couples on dates, and families with well behaved children. It felt smart but relaxed at the same time. Ideal for a date, catch up with friends or for a special occasion.



The highlight.

The menu focuses on traditional French cuisine, which I loved. It felt authentic and well researched. They had their classic signature dishes, with a bit of history behind the dish and french cuisine, alongside seasonal specials.

We were served a delicious amuse bouche of pancakes with cream cheese and chive filling. This has left me craving the gorgeous pairing of cream cheese and chives ever since.




Goats cheese filo parcel.


Mustard supreme of chicken.


Veal steak.


Crispy chips, perfectly fluffy on the inside.


La Vanille… A trio of vanilla desserts.


Caramel dessert trio. The little balls on the left hand side oozed caramel as you cut into them, they were incredible! I have no idea how they managed to make them but I was really impressed.



As you can see the food is well prepared and presented. You can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into the menu and the final result. We were impressed and pleased with our meal.


Service was excellent. We were served by a few different people, and each was polite and courteous, no delays or having to get someones attention. We were very well looked after. They had squeezed us in on an early evening, and we had to vacate the table for a reservation at a set time. Despite this we weren’t rushed at all.



We both ate and drank for just over £35 each. For the quality of what we had, the fact we had three courses and wine, I think the value is spot on. It’s reasonably priced for other restaurants in the area of the same calibre. I would definitely recommend.


(Gorgeous crockery from none other than Churchill, I am more than a little obsessed!)

Thinking of visiting Pant Y Gwydr Swansea? (I would certainly recommend it!) I would give them a ring and book first, as it is a rather popular restaurant, I now know why.

About the Author Lisa

I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

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