Quay 3 cheesecake

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I recently visited the newly opened Quay 3 in Swansea. I was pleased to find a vibrant and stylish bar and restaurant, offering great food, that I would happily recommend. Read on for my Quay 3 Swansea Review.


You’ll find Quay 3 in Swansea Marina, next to the Meridian Tower. It overlooks the picturesque marina, which is steeped in culture and history, once forming part of Swansea docks, built in the mid 19th century and at one time exporting 60% of the world’s copper. Until it was closed in 1969 and eventually re-opened as Swansea Marina in 1982.

My Grandfather spent a lot of time there and was involved in getting it started, so for me Swansea marina has a bit of magic thinking about all the history it holds. This is reinforced by the National Waterfront Museum being based there, and also the Dylan Thomas Centre. It just feels like special part of Swansea, but over the years may have been forgotten slightly, for this reason I’m thrilled to see a great deli bar like Quay 3 open up here.

Quay three swansea marina

quay three swansea marina




No expense has been spared on the decor and location, so naturally the ambience is effortlessly cool. The first thing I noticed when I walked in is the attention to detail. From gorgeous leather chairs, distressed wood tables, and beautiful encaustic tiles on the floors and walls. With cocktail deals, occasional live music and a flexible deli menu that gives you the choice of going for a light lunch or a fancy meal, you can go there for any occasion; be it a work lunch, a romantic meal, or for drinks.

quay three decor swansea marina


The menu is impressive with a succinct but varied menu and also set meal options available, as well as a deli snack menu too.

I was really impressed with the food. It was light and simple but had so much flavour. The desserts were especially good. I went for lunch with a friend, but all the drive home kept thinking how I’d have quite happily turned around and gone back there for my evening meal too.

quay three chicken swansea marina


quay three cheesecake swansea marina


quay three creme brulee swansea marina


Perhaps the only room for improvement. The service was friendly and the waitresses very nice, however there were a few mix ups with our order and bill at the end. Thankfully this was sorted with no hassle at all, so when you look at it that way the service was very good.


One of the highlights was the value. The quality of the food far outweighed the price we paid. The set meal of two courses for £11.95 is superb value. I’m thrilled a restaurant with such good value, location, decor and food has opened in Swansea.

quay three menu swansea marina


I’m writing this on a Saturday night, after planning to eat there but stupidly not booking a table in time, only to find out they were fully booked. So if you’re in Swansea and thinking of going there (which I definitely recommend you should), you may want to ring ahead first to check, as I’m clearly not the only person who’s been impressed by them.


You can find their number on their Facebook page.

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I'm Lisa and this is the Lovely Appetite blog. I’m always experimenting with recipes, hunting through cookbooks for inspiration or trying out new places to eat. Please browse the site and enjoy reading about my findings.

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