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Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Madison Wisconsin, Buy Viagra 100 mg in Warren Michigan

Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Madison Wisconsin, Buy Viagra 100 mg in Warren Michigan

This caramel Easter nest cupcake recipe combines a few of my favourite things. My reduced sugar chocolate cupcakes, and my easy caramel sauce which I used in my caramel egg brownies. Caramel Easter

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Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

I must admit I had never heard of a creme egg scotch egg recipe until my colleague requested I make them.She knew I loved baking and had seen them online, so asked if I would make them for her.How could

Continue reading

Christmas Stained Glass Biscuits Recipe

This christmas stained glass biscuit recipe was created with the Panasonic MX-ZX1800SXC blender and is adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, for the experience fresh campaign. They make lovely Christmas

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Plum and Fig Cheesecake Cake Recipe

This was one of those recipes that came about from trying to use up things I had in the cupboards and fridge. I didn’t expect to be sharing it, as I didn’t know if it would work, but after

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Elderflower and Lime Cake

Elderflower is starting to bloom, so what better time to make the most of it! I love the combination of elderflower and lime, so dusted off my ‘How To Be A Domestic Goddess’ book by Nigella

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Oaty Cinnamon and Raisin Muffins

3 things I love, oats, cinnamon and raisins. Especially when they come combined in a tasty muffin. This  muffin recipe sees oats mixed in with sour cream and flour to make moist, delicious muffins. Perfect

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Corned Beef Pie Recipe – An Old Favourite

Corned beef may have lost it’s popularity since the 19th Century and World War two. But in some pockets of the UK, particularly South Wales, and old working class communities, it is still a beloved favourite

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Caramel Egg Brownies

Happy Easter!With so many chocolate temptations about at the moment it’s hard not to impulse buy a packet of chocolate eggs at every checkout! That’s my excuse anyway.To help use up some of these

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Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Perfectly light and fluffy, with bitter-sweet dark chocolate and orange… these are cupcakes for grown ups!

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White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes

Raspberries and chocolate make for a winning combination. This white chocolate and raspberry cupcake recipe sees the classic mixture of white chocolate and raspberry, perfectly sharp and sweet. Top tips

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My Super Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe – Chocolate Chiffon Bundt

I’ve become a big fan of Bundts. The main reasons are: 1) You can make it all in one tin, so less cleaning up (yay) 2) They are SO much easier to cut than regular sponges! 3) They look so pretty! Seriously,

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Green & Blacks Chocolate, Lemon and Raspberry tart

  I love raspberries and chocolate, I also love raspberries and lemon. But until recently I’d never really experienced lemon and chocolate! I was sent some samples of Green and Blacks delicious

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Pina Colada cake

You know when you get one of those evenings where you just crave freshly baked cake? and an old school classic? I get these quite often! Which lead to my twist on pineapple upside down cake mixed with

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