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Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Elgin Illinois - Where to buy Viagra in Seattle Washington

Viagra where can i buy without prescription in Elgin Illinois - Where to buy Viagra in Seattle Washington

This recipe dates back to when I was about 7. I was at a BBQ hosted by a work friend of my Dads, whose husband happened to be the head chef of a top local restaurant. The food was grown up, and beyond

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Homemade pink lemonade ice lollies recipe

I always get over excited when buying lemons, a bit like Jamie Oliver (anyone else notice he seems to LOVE lemons?). Recently I had a few lemons leftover, and a handful of raspberries so decided to make

Continue reading

Coriander and Lime Chicken Kebabs

Chicken kababs are so easy, even Jamie Oliver has loads of ideas of how to make really healthy, tasty and interesting meals with them. These kebabs are packed full of flavour, can be easily cooked on either

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Salted Roast Plum Pavlova Recipe

August plums salted and baked, and drizzled over a crisp meringue base to make this delicious salted roast plum pavlova recipe.

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How to make Nachos like a pro

I love Nachos, they’re the perfect sociable treat. Put a big bowl in the middle of the table, and everyone just loves to dip in and eat up. They’re also an awesome snack for a date night, or

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Belgian Waffle Recipe

Light and fluffy these Belgian waffles are a guaranteed hit! I’m yet to make a batch that doesn’t go down really well, and have everyone raving about them. Credit to the people at Sage, who

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Credit Crunch Munch June 2016 Round Up

So the month of June is over already! Thanks to all who linked up, I have now yummed, pinned, and scheduled your posts on my Lovely Appetite Facebook page. There were some brilliant link ups this week,

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No-churn Peach Ice Cream

Nigella Lawson has some wonderful no-churn ice cream recipes on her website. It turns out, to make really easy, ‘bung in the freezer’ type ice cream at home, the secret ingredient is condensed

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Elderflower and Lime Cake

Elderflower is starting to bloom, so what better time to make the most of it! I love the combination of elderflower and lime, so dusted off my ‘How To Be A Domestic Goddess’ book by Nigella

Continue reading

Slow Cooked Lamb Filo Pies

Being Welsh, I grew up surrounded by lambing fields. Every spring my Dad would take me on walks and we’d look out for the cute lambs. For this reason we’ve never really eaten lamb in our house.

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Plum, Rocket and Feta Salad

I must admit, I’m not a fan of salads! Whether I’ve eaten sensibly or not, I always crave carb-loaded meals. I have a big appetite! I do occasionally feel like a salad though. My favourite

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Million Pound Roast Chicken Recipe

A few months ago, a good friend of mine told me about a roast chicken recipe she’d found on Pinterest. It involved basting with a sour cream mixture, and placing bread underneath to soak up the

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Oaty Cinnamon and Raisin Muffins

3 things I love, oats, cinnamon and raisins. Especially when they come combined in a tasty muffin. This  muffin recipe sees oats mixed in with sour cream and flour to make moist, delicious muffins. Perfect

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Quick Chicken Curry

A quick, simple and low fat chicken curry recipe, for when you’re trying to be good but NEED that curry fix.

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Pork Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Recipe

While we were in Florence we ate a lot of pork dishes. A lot of the pasta contained pork sausage and minced pork. It was so nice, I really wanted to try pork meatballs when I got home. This was a simple

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