Sosban Llanelli

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For any regular readers, you will know I LOVE eating out. If you’re new to Lovely Appetite, firstly welcome! And secondly, if you’re after restaurant recommendations for South Wales, with some delicious recipes thrown in for good measure too, then you’ve come to the right place.

When I saw Sosban were launching a new menu, I had to check it out! I contacted them and we were offered a complimentary meal to see what we thought (with no obligation to write anything but an honest review with photography).

Read on for our opinion…



North Dock, Llanelli SA15 2LF

Just 10-15 minutes further West from Swansea, in Llanelli, Sosban is well located for anyone in South/West Wales.

It is set along the coastal park, in a quiet area but not rural so it’s easily accessible. There is also ample free parking right next to the restaurant too, so excellent if you fancy taking a drive there or can’t walk far to the restaurant.

sosban llanelli


sosban llanelli

I’ve loved the decor ever since I first stepped foot in there just over three years ago, and it’s aged well too. Contemporary and classy it respects the original Grade II listed building without being kitch. You can see why people would want to hold their wedding breakfasts there (which is another service they offer).

There were quite a few people celebrating birthdays, romantic meals for couples and a group of old friends having a catch up on the night we were there (which was a Tuesday).

It’s classy without being stuffy, the kind of place you could go for a special occasion but still get away with wearing jeans. And it definitely has an adult feel about it, but I’m sure would also be suitable for well behaved children too.

sosban lanelli

sosban lanelli


With a new menu and an obvious refresh and focus in ethos around their food, I must admit I was slightly nervous about the change. It is a well known restaurant and somewhere most of my friends go for that special occasion, so there was some apprehension about what this new menu was going to look like.

There was no need to worry though, as the food (as always) was superb. We had a few tasters the week before at their launch night, which had certainly whet our appetite for the upcoming meal.

taster night sosban

On the night we ate as normal diners, we had :

Complimentary breads.

sosban lanelli

Butternut squash soup, which was served nice and hot and was rich and creamy. It went perfectly with the breads.

sosban lanelli

Duck arancini, which were really tasty and packed full of that lovely duck flavour encased in gorgeous crisp breadcrumbs.

sosban lanelli

Gower bone-in lamb steak, which Matt had with mashed potato. This also came with a gorgeous mushroom gratin and grilled tomato.

sosban lanelli

I had the belly pork, and requested to switch the mash for new potatoes. The jus was delcious and salty (just right). The belly pork itself was very impressive, it was packed with tender meat, so much I shared some with Matt. I love the fat in a belly pork to give it the flavour, but sometimes it can be a bit too much and leave you with very little meat, but this absolutely wasn’t the case here.

sosban llanelli

For dessert we both had the passion fruit creme brulee, served with seasonal berries. I also HAD to have the recommended dessert wine too, which was a perfect pairing. We both loved the dessert, so much we ate it in almost seconds.

sosban lanelli

Overall the food was excellent. We also had a side of carrots, which were delicious and cooked with a sweet tangy glaze.

No disappointments whatsoever as for as the food goes, it was exactly as stated in the menu, and very good quality. All the plates that went back were empty!

The only thing I did notice is that it’s great there is a focus on flexibility with grill dishes, and different sauces available, then you also have the classics menu, and salads. There are a few vegetarian options, but it is slightly limited. I get the impression that they are very accommodating though, so I’m sure if you didn’t like the vegetarian options available they would do their best to help you.


The service was personable and relaxed, which is just what we like. They were taking pictures of guests at their request and did so in a really friendly way.

I like a little chit chat when I go for food as it makes me feel more relaxed, so this was good to see. Every customer was treated with care and attention.

There was one bar staff and one waitress on that evening, with maybe a few more tables than expected as they were both serving from the kitchen, so service was slightly slow but with an excellent manner.


sosban lanelli



Our food should have come in at around £50, so £25 each for 3 courses with sides at the quality shown is very good value for money. There aren’t enough restaurants like this in the area in my opinion, that offer superb food, in a relaxed atmosphere and fairly priced. What’s more is it’s locally sourced as much as possible too.

There is even a small, value menu on offer from Monday-Thursday called the ‘Sosban Savour Menu’ too. For any regulars to Sosban you will know this is similar to the old Sosban fach menu, and back by popular demand.

Would we go back? Absolutely!



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