sosban llanelli

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Regular readers to Lovely Appetite will know I’ve had a long love affair with Sosban Llanelli.

Just a short drive from Swansea, located in an impeccably restored grade II listed building at Llanelli’s North Dock, it is a hidden gem.

sosban llanelli

They have recently welcomed new head chef Andrew Sheridan, who has Michelin star training under Michael Caines.

Locals will identify Sosban as one of the best places to eat in the area already, but with Andrews new direction they have shifted firmly into the fine dining arena.

We attended on a sunny Friday evening, and as usual the service was friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable.

You can sit in the comfortable lounge area with a drink while you peruse the menu. We were recommended an excellent white wine, which came in a carrafe.

sosban llanelli

This is something I love because often I want a few glasses of wine, but Matt doesn’t drink it. The Carafe was well priced, and meant I could help myself to wine at the table without having to buy a whole bottle. This may seem a little obvious, but not many restaurants in the area offer this.

sosban llanelli

We decided to go for the taster menu so that we could sample as much as possible. Taster menus are my favourite way to eat out, as I always want to order half the menu!

I decided to try the vegetarian taster menu, and Matt went for the meat version.

sosban llanelli


We started with some brioche toast and homemade marmite butter. Rather than heavy, this was refined and light with just a hint of marmite, so even marmite haters will like it 🙂

sosban llanelli

If you haven’t had a taster menu before, it usually consists of between 5-7 small courses sampling different dishes from the restaurants menu. Sosbans taster menu had six courses.

From our experience it would usually start with an amuse bouche, a bite size savoury treat to set you up for the meal ahead. In this case it was warm brioche with delicate butter.

Next comes your typical starter, which for me was a delicious leek and potato soup with a delicate goats cheese ravioli,with hints of apricot. Matt had a chicken parfait dish, which cleverly used every aspect of the chicken with a crispy skin, chicken jelly and smooth parfait.

sosban llanelli

sosban llanelli

Usually the next course is a fish course. Matt had the meat option, so he had a clever take on Japanese flavours of sushi with a cooked scallop with hints of nori. I had fermented heritage carrot, with a goats cheese soup.

sosban llanelli

sosban llanelli


Onto the mains section we had mushroom and truffle risotto as a vegetarian option, and Matt had ribeye steak. This is a smaller version of their a la carte option, which allows you to fit in the rest!

The truffle and mushroom risotto was a particular favourite of mine.

sosban llanelli

sosban llanelli


Now for dessert number one. This was a teaser of guiness and black, encased on a light airy shell. This was really fun because it was a little like a jelly filled sweet, with an adult twist of the guiness and black.

sosban lanelli

Last but certainly not least was the larger dessert. This was a passionfruit souffle with a coconut ice cream, on a bed of passionfruit sauce. This was our favourite course, we absolutely loved the souffle. It’s the best I’ve ever had, and the flavours were full but not overpowering for the delicate souffle. I would recommend a visit to Sosban just to try this souffle, it was that good!

sosban llanelli

The taster menu was £55 each and gives you a great feel for the chefs menu. If you wanted a la carte they still offer this, but naturally due to the number of courses all of the diners on the table need to order from the same menu.

We left feeling satisfied but not bloated, which is what a perfect taster menu should do.

We usually travel quite far to try different taster menus from reputable restaurants and chefs, but with the new chef at Sosban we won’t have to go that far anymore.

They have also changed suppliers of their meat too. To improve the quality and freshness, which seems to be working well from speaking to staff, and what we experienced.

We had a wonderful meal at Sosban, and will most certainly be back.

As ever we are big fans of having a fine dining establishment in such a beautiful venue so close to home, and wish the team and Andrew all the very best in their refresh at Sosban.

I also hear they are now fully licensed for weddings at Sosban. Having got married just 2 years ago with it still fresh in our minds, I would absolutely love to get married in a venue like Sosban. Every time we visit we talk about how well it has been renovated and how tasteful the decor is, combined with excellent food and service (not to mention convenient parking too). This lends itself so well to functions and weddings, we just hope one of our friends hires it soon so we get to see what it’s like for a party!


Thanks to the Sosban team for the excellent meal and service, as this was a review post we were invited free of charge. I was under no obligation to write a positive review, and these opinions are all my own.

About the Author mattgwynne

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