toffee apple cake

Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake

how to tell someone you're dating you are not interested Autumn is in full swing and thankfully, it’s been pretty awesome so far. The weather in Wales has been gorgeous and I’ve found the time to cook plenty of super tasty recipes.

rencontre extraconjugales avis You only have to take a quick look at Pinterest to see how much food bloggers love the change in season and all the new ingredients it offers up, especially at this ‘harvest’ time of year.

recherche emploi sage femme belgique But this time of year is also perfect for….

rencontre gratuite pays de gex Beautiful apples!

site de rencontre avec orange From August you will see the wonderful British apples back in the supermarkets and fruit stalls. To do these fabulous fruits justice I took inspiration from another beautiful Brit, Lorraine Pascale. Her recipe books are one of the only ones I own that I just keep going back to as they are really simple, reliable and delicious. For this recipe I used her Dulce and Banana (what a fab D&G pun) as inspiration.

click Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake So this Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake is a mash-up of all these sources of inspiration. With a little bit of Halloween thrown in for good measure. Toffee apples at Halloween were a big thing for me as a child (and even now, I can’t go one Halloween or bonfire night without a big red toffee apple). For this reason I added some red food colouring, to help give the cake a gory blood red colour – just like the toffee apples I used to devour! Although this is optional. If having your cake looking like it’s bleeding isn’t your thing, you can just leave it out.

rencontres racines audincourt 2012 I’m glad to say, this recipe has turned out to be a big hit. Well, if the amount Matt and my Father in law ate over the last week is anything to go by anyway. Needing to keep the energy levels up while working on the house renovation was their excuse for guilt free cake eating. I can go with that – it gives me a reason to bake even more cake!

go here The cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and vanilla paste all combine to make a flavour that scream AUTUMN! And that’s without mentioning the Calvados and butter. It’s rich and sweet and spicy.

There’s no questions about it, you have to try it 🙂

And what’s even better is that it’s super easy to make.

Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Embrace autumn with this fabulous combination of toffee apple pieces on top of a moist wholemeal sponge.
Recipe type: dessert
Cuisine: baking
Sticky Toffee topping
  • 50 g Soft brown sugar
  • 50 g unsalted butter
  • 2 tbspn Calvados Brandy or Rum are OK as substitutes
  • 3 medium eating apples
  • 50 g self raising flour
  • 50 g self raising wholemeal flour
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ tspn baking powder
  • 100 g Soft brown sugar
  • 1 tspn vanilla paste
  • 1 tspn cinnamon
  • 100 unsalted butter
  • 100 g raisins
  • ½ tube red gel food colouring optional
Toffee Sauce
  • ½ tube red gel food colouring optional
  • 4 tbspn Soft brown sugar
  • 3 tbspn Calvados Brandy or Rum are OK as substitutes
  • 50 g unsalted butter
  • 3 tbspn double cream
  1. First is to make the sticky toffee topping. You will need a small saucepan and a 21cm cake tin (not springform).
  2. Melt the 50g butter in the pan, and add the 50g sugar until it has dissolved and starts to boil.
  3. If you are using the red food colouring, add ½ a tube now.
  4. Pour this straight into the cake tin (make sure you have greased it) and spread evenly.
  5. Peel, core and dice the apples into small chunks and arrange on top of the sticky toffee in the cake tin.
  6. The next step is making the sponge. Soak the raisins in the calvados overnight, or if you don't have time microwave the calvados and raisins together for 1 minute.
  7. Cream the brown sugar and butter well with a whisk, then mix the eggs and vanilla in.
  8. Add the flour (both types), cinnamon, and baking powder and mix well until smooth.
  9. Drain the raisins and add to the cake mix.
  10. Pour the cake mix over the toffee apple mix in the cake tin, and bake on 170' for 30-40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.
  11. Allow to cool for 15 minutes or so, then turn out carefully onto a cake stand or plate.
  12. Finally if you want to serve with extra toffee sauce (optional). Heat the butter, calvados and sugar in a saucepan until dissolved and starting to bubble. Remove from the heat and add the cream and food colouring.
  13. Serve immediately.
Toffee Apple Upside Down Cake

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