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A Welsh Themed Platter with Swansea University and The Kings Head Gower

Everyone has some sense of pride and bias for where they live, but I am lucky enough to be able to say I live near the Gower. The UK’s first designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

I’m also lucky to have some pretty awesome friends. Friends who  believe in me enough, to ask me to present to a group about Welsh food, as part of their work!

Yes that’s right, a humble hobby food blogger who posts about things I’ve cooked when I get home from work, giving a talk and answering questions about Welsh food to a group of international students studying at Swansea University.

Pretty daunting!

The students were part of the Academic Success Programme. In their talk club, it had been discussed that some members had never really tried Welsh food, or fully seen what fabulous views Swansea’s Gower peninsular had to offer. So with that in mind their very thoughtful mentor, and good friend of mine came up with the idea of this day trip.


welsh food gower

The first decision was finding somewhere to cater for us. We knew we wanted some sort of buffet or platter of Welsh themed food, to a specific budget and feeding over 20 people at lunch time on a Sunday.

I wasn’t sure who, or where to go to. But we decided our first port of call would be The Kings Head, Gower. I had’t eaten there in years (only drank in the bar with friends), but it has built a particularly good reputation over the past year or so, and has the added bonus of being perfectly located for a short walk to showcase some of the beautiful Gower scenery. It is also easily accessible.

Thankfully (with special thanks to Abi), The Kings Head  team were very accommodating. They put together a taster platter of their favourite Welsh dishes, which form part of their regular menu. They were also very accommodating with vegetarian, and pescetarian requirements. Not only that but they also agreed to put this together for us on a Sunday lunch time – impressive.


The menu was as follows:


Glamorgan sausage

Cockle and laver bread bake

Welsh cawl


Dragon’s breath lamb curry

Haddock with Welsh rarebit


The food was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and was finished off with some delicious warm Welsh cakes  which everyone loved.

After the meal, and successful talk, where we discussed the overall menu, the history of local cockle picking and why they are so popular. And also some recommendations for trying leeks next time they were in the supermarket. The group headed off for a walk over Rhossili downs lead by G from Gower Image Works. We missed the talk, eagerly waiting for the Welsh cakes, but if you check out ASP’s blog post  you can see some of the awesome photographs they took, and how much of a good time everyone had!

This was the first time I’ve ever given a talk and answered questions as a food blogger, and I was pretty nervous. But the group of students made it so much easier for me, by being warm, welcoming and genuinely interested. So thanks to everyone from talk club with ASP, and Nicole and G from Gower Image Works for being so lovely, and supportive as ever. It was so great to receive good feedback afterwards.

Also a big thanks to Abi and the team at The King’s Head for being so accommodating and for the lovely food!



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