Pool Filters for Inground Pools

Best Pool Filters for Inground Pools in 2020

What are the best pool filters for inground pools? You don’t need to worry about getting the perfect filter for your need because I have reviewed the top six models on the market today.

Pool Filters for Inground Pools

Top 6 Pool Filters for Inground Pools Reviews

Here is the list of the six best filters that you can use for your inground pool. 

1. Hayward W3DE3620 ProGrid D.E. Pool Filter

I have listed this model on the first spot as it is a model that provides efficiency and large-capacity performance. It also offers top-down and up-flow filtration thanks to the high-impact grid material.

Another feature I find to be amazing is the long-lasting copolymer construction that is reinforced with glass to remain rust-free. It is a model that was made to deal with huge pools due to its sturdy construction.

2. Hayward W3S220T ProSeries Sand Filter 

The W3S220T offers you efficient and boasts of multilateral assembly that makes it a durable product. I can assure you that this is the model you need if you want a filter that can last for years.

One unique feature I like about this product is the top diffuser that provides even distribution of water from the top. It also comes with significant pressure water/sand drain that allows rapid servicing or winterizing.

3. XtremePowerUS 75141 Inground Pool Sand Filter

One thing I found about this sand filter is the sound engineering that gives it maximum water flow to provide you clean water. It also comes with a 7-way multi-port for waste, rinse, closed, circulates, winter, backwash, and filter.

The core of the filter is a one-piece tank that makes it handy to use and last longer. I also find it to be easy to connect to a swimming pool.

4. Hayward W3S166T Pro-Series Sand Filter

I like the Hayward W3S166T due to its durable rust-proof material that ensures it lasts for long. It also has an umbrella-fold design that ensures even distribution of water.

There is also a VariFlo valve that guarantees the maximum flow of water. Another feature that makes it a superb model is the top diffuser that makes it easy to use.

5. XtremePowerUS 16” Above Inground Swimming Pool Sand Filter System 

Here is another model that I would recommend you try as it is one of the best filters you can get for your pool. It gives you a dependable performance to leave your pool sparkling clean.

One thing I noted about this filter is the heavy-duty make that guarantees it takes a constant beating. It is straightforward to connect to your pool thanks to the threaded connection.

6. Pentair Triton II Side Mount Filter TR60 Fiberglass Sand Filter 

Pentair Triton II Side Mount Filter is a product that comes with super-construction to last for years. One great feature is the threaded design that makes it easy to connect to your swimming pool.

You can also get value for your money if you choose this product. Besides, it leaves your swimming pool clean.

Final Word

There are no better pool filters that you can get on the market than the one I have reviewed above. These are models that can give you value for your money.

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