Run Pool Pump with Solar Cover On

Can You Run Pool Pump with Solar Cover On?

Can you run pool pump with solar cover on? It is a common question that most new pool owners ask or those people who have installed a solar pool cover for the first time. 

The answer to this question is a simple YES, but there are a couple of things that you should know to understand why the pool pump will run effectively with the solar cover on. 

What is a Solar Pool Cover?

You probably have used a safety pool cover and now want a solar model because it can heat your pool. What you don’t know is that your pool can absorb a lot of heat without any cover.

For instance, a white plaster pool of about 4½ feet deep can absorb about 60% of the sun’s heat. That heat is enough to raise your pool’s temperature by about 0.7-degree F. 

However, that heat gain might not be possible due to evaporation, which depends on air temperature, water temperature, the wind, and humidity around your pool. Evaporation can make your facility to lose up to 5-degree F for every 1/4-inch of water loss.

Thus, a solar pool cover helps to capture the sun’s heat and transfer it into your pool to keep it warm.

What is a Pool Pump?

The pool pump is the heart of a pool’s circulation system. It takes the water from the pool to the skimmer and the main drain, then to the filter, and back to the pool via the main inlet. It has three main components: hair and lint trap, impeller, and motor.

The motor is often electrical and can use 110/220 v and rotate at 3,450 RPM and is connected to the end of the impeller’s shaft of the motor. That helps to take the water via the hair and lint trap and later into the filter.

Why You Can Run Your Pump with the Solar Cover On

As seen, a pool pump works independently of a solar cover. It helps to push the water via the circulation systems such as the filter. The solar cover helps to warm the water, prevent evaporation, and prevent debris from falling into your pool.

The solar cover, when fixed the right way on the pool, has no significant impact on the pump. Besides, the purpose of running your pool pump with either the solar cover on or off is to circulate the water. 

And with the solar cover on, it is only the top 2-foot of the pool’s water that gets warmed. The other part of your pool remains cool. 

Therefore, running the pump when the cover is on helps to ensure that the warm water gets mixed with the cooler one. It is, thus, a benefit to run the pump when the solar pool cover is on.

Final Words

You shouldn’t worry about running the pool pump when the solar pool cover is on. These are two accessories of a swimming pool that works independently of each other. 

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